A fill color for text.

      -webkit-text-fill-color: color ;

If not specified, the color specified by the color property is used.

Although -webkit-text-fill-color will change the color of text, in a textarea or input box, the cursor will still inherit its color from COLOR so it can be different.

-webkit-text-fill-color is commonly used in combination with -webkit-text-stroke. Changes to this property can be animated.

h1 { -webkit-text-fill-color: red; }
.emw3class { -webkit-text-fill-color: rgb(255,0,0); }

#emw3id { -webkit-text-fill-color: inherit; }

Try it:

This webkit formatting is not yet on the standards track, so you may wish to add additional emphasis with bold or italic.

(CSS 1) Browser Support: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge.

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-webkit-text-fill-color - Text fill color (inside)
-webkit-text-stroke -width -color- Stroke

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