Break lines within words in order to prevent overflow. This can be useful to force wrapping of otherwise unbreakable strings, too long to fit within a containing box.

      overflow-wrap: normal | break-word ;

      word-wrap: normal | break-word ;

normal - Lines only break at normal word break points.
break-word - Break words at arbitrary points if there are no otherwise acceptable break points in the line.
inherit - Inherit the property from a parent element.

h1 { overflow-wrap: break-word; }
.emw3class { word-wrap: normal; }

#emw3id { overflow: scroll; }

Try it:

Text that includes a long url such as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progressive_enhancement#Introduction_and_background can cause problems with word wrapping, overflowing the box.

Browser Support: word-wrap All major browsers. The alternate name overflow-wrap is supported in CSS 3

“Paper can't wrap up a fire” ~ Chinese Proverb


overflow - What happens if content overflows an element's box.
overflow-x - Whether to clip the left/right edges of overflowing content.
overflow-y - Whether to clip the top/bottom edges of overflowing content.
table-layout - How to layout table cells, rows, and columns.

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