Whether to clip the top/bottom edges of overflowing content.

      overflow-y: overflow | inherit ;

auto - Provide scrollbars when necessary.
hidden - Clip and hide any overflowing content.
scroll - Clip any overflowing content but provide a scrollbar.
visible - Render overflowing content outside the element’s box (default)
inherit - Inherit the property from a parent element.

h1 { overflow-y: auto; }
.emw3class { overflow-y: hidden; }

#emw3id { overflow-y: scroll; }

Try it:

This sample text is too long to fit in a text box if it's constrained to just 250px wide by 100px tall. The CSS Overflow setting will determine how the text will display. Either overflowing the box or by providing extra scrollbars.

Browser Support: All major browsers (CSS 3+) IE 9+

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overflow - What happens if content overflows an element's box.
overflow-x - Whether to clip the left/right edges of overflowing content.

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