Position list-item markers inside or outside the content flow.

      list-style-position: inside | outside | inherit ;

inside - Inside the content flow.
outside - Outside the content flow (default).
inherit - Inherit from a parent element.

ol { list-style-position: inside; }
.emw3class { list-style-position: outside; }
#emw3id { list-style-position: inside; }

Moving the markers inside will also indent the text.

Try it:

  1. This is an ordered list <OL>
  2. Each item is a <LI>
  3. The default markers are numeric

(CSS 1) Browser Support: All major browsers

“You don't have to hold a position in order to be a leader” ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo


list-style-image - Set an image as the list-item marker.
list-style-type - Type of list-item marker.
list-style - Set all the properties for a list in one declaration.

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