Shorthand to set the 3 list-style properties in one declaration:

      element { List-style-type List-style-position List-style-image ;}

This shorthand is equivalent to the following:

element {
   list-style-type type;
   list-style-position {inside | outside} ;
   list-style-image url("/image.ext");

Alternatively you can set list-style: none to remove the default styles or to inherit from a parent element (not supported by IE 7):

list-style: inherit ;

Note the default styles will vary by browser and by HTML element, <ol> normally has a list style, <p> normally doesnt.

ol { list-style: upper-latin inside ;}
.emw3class { list-style: circle inside ;}
#emw3id { list-style: upper-roman outside ; }

Try it:

  1. This is a list.
  2. Containing several items.
  3. One after another.

(CSS 1) Browser Support: All major browsers, IE 6/7 fail to hide a list-image with list-style:none, (but work with list-style-image:none; )

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list-style-image - Set an image as the list-item marker.
list-style-type - Type of list-item marker.

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