The background color of an element.

      background-color: color | transparent | inherit ;

Color - A color name or hex code
transparent - Make the element see-through
inherit - Inherit from a parent element.

body { background-color: #ff0084; }
.emw3class { background-color: rgb(255,0,0); }

#emw3id { background-color: #00ff00; }

Try it:

This is a sample of text with a CSS background color.

(CSS 1) Browser Support: All major browsers.

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Background-color - MDN Web Docs.
Background-Attachment - Position of a background image relative to the page.
Background-Image - The background image for an element.
Background-Position - Starting position of a background image.
Background-Repeat - How a background image will be repeated.
background - A shorthand property for the properties above.
Background-Clip - The painting area of the background
color - Text color
Color chooser
opacity - Opacity level for an element.

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