Z-index is used to position a CSS box along the z axis, perpendicular to the display.Wherever two boxes overlap, the box with the largest z-index will appear on top.

      z-index: index | auto | inherit ;

index - A positive or negative integer, or 0.
auto - The browser default.
inherit - inherit from the parent element.

z-index will only affect CSS boxes if they have a position value of absolute, fixed, or relative.

body { z-index: -8; }
.emw3class { z-index: auto; }

#emw3id { z-index: 1; }

Try it:

The Z-index of the pink box is the default (0), if the z-index of this text is made larger than 0 then it will appear on top.

Browser Support: (CSS2+) buggy in IE 8

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position - Positioning method for an element.

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