Set the color of an outline.

      outline-color: color | invert | inherit ;

color - The color of the outline.
invert - Set the outline color to an inversion of the background color.
inherit - Inherit the property from a parent element.

The outline-style property must be set before any outline color properties can be applied.
The transparent keyword maps to rgb(0,0,0).

h1 { outline-color: rgb(0,255,0); }
.emw3class { outline-color: #93622f; }

#emw3id { outline-color: #2b5e55; }

Try it:

Outlines differ from borders in that they do not take up space, they are drawn above the content and extend out towards the margin.

(CSS 2) Browser Support: All major browsers apart from IE. Not all support invert

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outline-style - Style of an outline.
outline-width - Width of an outline.
- Shorthand to set all the outline properties.
border-color - Color of the four borders.
The CSS Box Model

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