Create or reset one or more counters.

      counter-reset: variable [number] [variable [number]] [...] ;

variable - The counter(s) to be reset.
number - The initial value of the counter. ( default = 0)

To reset multiple counters based on the same tag, use a single style rule H1{counter-reset: var1 var2;}

h1 { counter-reset: Emw3counter; }
.emw3class { counter-reset: Emw3counter; }

#emw3id { counter-reset: Emw3counter; }

If the counter is reset for the <body> tag, the numbering will run for the entire document, if the counter is reset for the <H1> tag the numbering will run until the next occurence of an <H1> tag. Multiple variables can be used to count Section numbers, Headings, Footnotes etc. These can then be added to the document using content: and the :before and :after pseudo-elements.

Adding a counter to the <H2> tag so that each line will be prefixed with "number ~ " :

h1 {counter-reset: Emw3;}

counter-increment: Emw3;
content: counter(Emw3) " ~ ";

Title (H1)

some text (H2)

some text (H2)

some text (H2)

Title (H1)

some text (H2)

(CSS 2) Browser Support: All major browsers.

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counter-reset - MDN Web Docs.
content - Insert generated content before or after an element.
counter-increment - Increment one or more counters.

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