Shorthand to set the 3 properties:

element { border-bottom: Border-bottom-width Border-bottom-style Border-bottom-color ;}

This shorthand is equivalent to the following:

element {
  border-bottom-width: thin | medium | thick | length | inherit ;
  border-bottom-style: style ;
  border-bottom-color: color ;

Alternatively you can choose to inherit from a parent element: border-bottom: inherit ;

The Border-Style property must be set for the Border-Width or Border-Color properties to have any effect.

The default property values, any value that is not specified in the shorthand will be set to the default.

  border-bottom-width: medium;
  border-bottom-style: none;
  border-bottom-color: 0;


Set the bottom border of H1 to a 2px dashed green line:

h1 {border-bottom: 2px dashed green;}

Set a large bottom border on a 0px element to create an upward pointing triangle:

.down-arr {
 width: 0px;
 height: 0px;
 border-right: 20px solid transparent;
 border-left: 20px solid transparent;
 border-bottom: 20px solid black;

Try it:

This is a sample of text with a CSS border. Each of the 4 borders can be styled together or separately with CSS.

Browser Support: All major browsers (CSS 1)

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