Make a FORM element look like a standard user interface element.

      appearance: none;
      -moz-appearance: none;
      -webkit-appearance: button;

none - Don't apply any formatting
button - Render the element as a button

There most useful value is: none. This will provide (almost) full control over the style of a given widget using other CSS rules.

The appearance property has been deprecated by the W3C

The effect is not consistent, for example in the demo below, changing the border-radius will change the effect when also applying -webkit-appearance.

.emw3class { -webkit-appearance: none; }
#emw3id { -webkit-appearance: none; }

Try it:

(CSS 3) Browser Support: None,
use the equivalent -moz-appearance for Firefox and -webkit-appearance for Safari, Opera, and Chrome.

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display - Display an HTML element as a list/table/block.

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