Links to CSS Websites and Books

A List Apart - Code and design
Smashing Magazine's CSS tips
A to Z CSS - bite-sized video screencasts.
CSS Play
CSS Basics
CSS Tricks
DevDocs - Multiple API documentation
HTML Dog - CSS and HTML Tutorials
Html5please - Look up feature compatibility.
Learn layout
The Absolute Minimum every software developer must know about Unicode and Character Sets - Joel on software.
Web developers handbook
you might not need js
Alan Wood’s Unicode resources


W3C CSS Validation Service
W3C Link checker - looks for issues in links, anchors and referenced objects.
ArchiveReady- imperfect but still useful validator

CSS Tidy online + util
Clean CSS - CSS Formatter and Optimiser
iSnoop CSS Minifier
CSS minifier - Make CSS files smaller.
CSS Lint - Improve your code (remove duplicates etc)

Web Page Performance Tests
PageSpeed Insights (Google)

BrowserShots - Preview a design in multiple web browsers.
Browser-details - Browser detection.
CSS Typeset - Generate CSS rules online.
Fiddler2 - Web debugging proxy for any browser
FontAwesome - Web icons embedded in an open source font.
HowToCenterInCSS - a gazillion ways to centre.
jplayer - jquery audio player.
jsfiddle - Test your code online.
Kotatsu Table HTML Generator
-prefix-free - Use only unprefixed CSS properties everywhere.
Sass - an extension for CSS3 - nested rules, variables etc.
Selenium - Automate browsers.
SortTable - Make all your tables sortable
STrace and HTTPReplay - Analyze and replay HTTP traffic
SubtlePatterns - Tileable textured patterns, free to use.
Tufte CSS - Use the design ideas of Edward Tufte - Free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe.


Eric Meyer CSS Reset

Browser compatibility tables:
FindMeByIP - HTML 5 & CSS 3
CaniUse - HTML 5 & CSS 3
Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents

Frameworks / Templates

Bootstrap - from Twitter
GridByExample - Examples of Grid
LessCss - A CSS pre-processor, meaning that it extends the CSS language.
Skeleton - A dead simple, responsive boilerplate.
Object Oriented CSS
CSS Layout cookbook - Mozilla

Where to file CSS Bug Reports

Microsoft connect
Chromium issues
Open Radar - OS X/Safari Community bug reports.

Recommended Books

css book HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
by Jon Duckett, 1st Edition, Nov 2012

CSS Mastery book CSS Mastery
by Simon Collison

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