Greek Alphabet.

Lower Case Capital
Alpha α Α
Beta β Β
Gamma γ Γ
Delta δ Δ
Epsilon ε Ε
Zeta ζ Ζ
Eta η Η
Theta θ Θ
Iota ι Ι
Kappa κ Κ
Lambda λ Λ
Mu μ Μ
Nu ν Ν
Xi ξ Ξ
Omnicron ο Ο
Pi π Π
Rho ρ Ρ
Sigma σ Σ
Tau τ Τ
Upsilon υ Υ
Phi φ Φ
Chi χ Χ
Psi ψ Ψ
Omega ω Ω

small theta ϑ
Upsilon with hook ϒ
Pi ϖ
Sigma (small/final) ς

“I am a citizen, not of Athens or Greece, but of the world” ~ Socrates


Unicode symbols and smilies.

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