How fast to scroll the content of a marquee box.

      marquee-speed speed
      marquee-speed distance/time

number - an Integer or time unit (non-negative values)
fast - Move at a fast speed.
normal - Move at a normal speed.
slow - Move at a slow speed.

h1 { marquee-speed: fast; }
#emw3id { marquee-speed: normal
; }
.emw3class { marquee-speed: 10; }

The marquee CSS properties are a replacement for the non-standard HTML <marquee> tag.
The overflow-x property also has to be set before the marquee will take effect.

Try it:

A stationary object remains stationary if the sum of the forces acting upon it - resultant force - is zero. A moving object with a zero resultant force keeps moving at the same speed and in the same direction.

(CSS 3) Browser Support: None. Use the equivalent -webkit-marquee-speed for Safari and Chrome.

“I took a speed-reading course and read War and Peace in twenty minutes. It involves Russia” ~ Woody Allen


marquee-direction - Direction of moving content.
marquee-play-count - The number of times a marquee box repeats.
marquee-style - Style of the moving content.
marquee - Shorthand to set all the marquee properties in one declaration

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